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Re: Still unable to install grub 2 on my lvm setup

From: Jean-Christophe Haessig
Subject: Re: Still unable to install grub 2 on my lvm setup
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 2008 07:18:59 +0200

Le lundi 07 juillet 2008 à 13:46 -0400, Pavel Roskin a écrit :

> If the first partition starts on cylinder 0 (which is the most common),
> it starts on head 1.  All space on head 0, cylinder 0 is available.  The
> maximal number on sectors per track is 63, and that's what is normally
> used (old drives may use less sectors).  The first sector is the MBR.
> That gives 62 sectors available to the bootloader, i.e. 31k.

Er... There are no partitions on my disks. I create them like this :

pvcreate /dev/hda

Since the whole disk is used for LVM and LVM is some kind of
partitioning scheme, I didn't find useful to make one big partition on
each disk.


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