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Re: Next release?

From: Christian Franke
Subject: Re: Next release?
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2008 20:39:21 +0200
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Patrick Georgi wrote:
Robert Millan schrieb:
On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 06:55:24PM +0200, Christian Franke wrote:
The first (and last) grub package released in the Cygwin distribution was based on grub codebase from 2008-03-26. My latest reasonably tested merge is ~2 month old. If desired, I can merge & test all remaining changes to current HEAD and post the patches for review soon.


As for the loader issue, did you find a way to generate images in ELF format
from the Cygwin system?
I do all the time with an i386-elf cross compiler. the easiest way to generate one (in my experience) is to create a directory with symlinks to:

The grub Cygwin package is targeted for (and already included in) the official Cygwin distribution. This requires that the package can be build with tools already included in the distro.

Using a ELF toolchain would be desirable, but is not an option unless someone volunteers to maintain it.


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