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Re: grub-probe detects ext4 wronly as ext2

From: Felix Zielcke
Subject: Re: grub-probe detects ext4 wronly as ext2
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008 17:27:28 +0200

From: "JavierMartín" <address@hidden>
Sent: Wednesday, July 16, 2008 5:09 PM
To: "The development of GRUB 2" <address@hidden>
Subject: Re: grub-probe detects ext4 wronly as ext2

I see the ext4 patch was checked in recently. Can the "forbid-incompat"
patch with the new, specific error messages be committed too then? I'm
submitting an updated version (i.e. against the current HEAD) because
new lines were added.

PS: does the ext4 patch add support for META_BG? it should be added to
the list of supported incompat features then.

I don't know what this META_BG is but even the ext2 kernel driver supports it [0] Maybe the list of flags have a bit changed so I'm so nice and give you even a git link to the current ext4.h in Linus' official git tree [1]
You'll probably mean FLEX_BG :)

I didn't take a deep look at the changes between the first patch from Bean and the last one which he commited. But for me it's now working fine with whole / on ext4 made with the final e2fsprogs 1.41 in Debian unstable, with flex_bg,extents and uninit_bg from the INCOMPAT list, so flex_bg and uninit_bg should be added to your list which are ignored/supported

Maybe it's just luck for me that it works now with uninit_bg and flex_bg, the best would be if other people would test it

[0];a=blob;f=include/linux/ext2_fs.h;hb=HEAD [1];a=blob;f=fs/ext4/ext4.h;hb=HEAD

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