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Boot from LVM2 on RAID1 on 2xRAID5

From: Richard Michael
Subject: Boot from LVM2 on RAID1 on 2xRAID5
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2008 05:31:22 -0400
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Hello list,

Apologies if this is a "support" question that doesn't belong on the
devel list.  (I've been looking into RAID/LVM improvements in grub2 and
thought this list might be appropriate, however.)

I have a linux system with 8 disks.  I would like to divide them into
groups of 4 and create 2 RAID5 arrays; then run a RAID1 array across the
two RAID5 arrays; and finally LVM2 on top of the RAID1 array.

Can grub2 boot such a nested configuration?  If so, what special steps
must I take to install the bootloader?  (I'll install the system with
grub-legacy using Fedora or another distro, then migrate to grub2.)

For maximum simplicity and elegance, can I avoid a special /boot
partition?  If not, I suppose I would create a RAID1 across a small
partition on all 8 disks for /boot.


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