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Re: Question about static compiling

From: Joe Lewis
Subject: Re: Question about static compiling
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2008 16:45:23 -0600
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Manoel wrote:
Even if are using a 64-bit system you can still have 32-bit libraries.
I'm not sure about it bur I think the configure script will take care of
all flags for you.\

It actually doesn't have the 32 bit. In fact, configure errors out because it cannot find the 32 bit libc, which doesn't exist on an LFS 64-bit system that was compiled purely for 64 bit. So the configure script cannot handle those flags.

What I have resorted to is attempting to compile it on a fedora core 8 platform. Unfortunately, this isn't creating static libraries - it still requires some 32-bit shared objects, which means I cannot run it on the 64 bit to install it there.

Am I going to have to run another distribution's rescue prompt and manually install it from there?


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