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trouble about trusted grub, help me please!!!

From: 洪鱼儿
Subject: trouble about trusted grub, help me please!!!
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2009 15:09:10 +0800

   I am trying to make trusted grub work (refer to in my linux system with kernel and TPM chip 1.2, but i failed. What i had done is the following:

   (1) got the grub-0.27.patch from
   (2) patch grub-0.27.patch into my grub-0.27.src.rpm source package
   (3) running "rpmbuild -bb  grub.spec"
   (4) running "rpm -Uvh grub-0.27.i386.tcg.rpm" and running "setup" command in the GRUB shell
   (5) add the measure boot parameter such as "measure (hd0,6)/etc/fs" 
   (6) lastly, reboot the system

   but the following error arised:

   "measure (hd0,6)/etc/fs" : Invalid argument.

   Could you tell me how to resolve the problem?



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