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[PATCH] fix case insensitiveness support for hfs+

From: Michael Scherer
Subject: [PATCH] fix case insensitiveness support for hfs+
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2009 22:18:58 +0100


while testing grub2-svn on a macbook, I have just seen that grub2 do not treat HFS+ as case insensitive ( and so it could not load the config file with my laptop,
because of a case problem ).

According to :
"HFS Plus stores strings fully decomposed and in canonical order. HFS Plus compares strings in a case-insensitive fashion. Strings may contain Unicode characters that must be ignored by this comparison. For more details on these subtleties, see Unicode Subtleties."

I also have a second patch for the same problem on hfsx , send in a second mail.

Michael Scherer

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