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Re: [PATCH] (ata.mod) Fix ATAPI protocol

From: Christian Franke
Subject: Re: [PATCH] (ata.mod) Fix ATAPI protocol
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2009 21:50:55 +0100
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Christian Franke wrote:
Marco Gerards wrote:
Christian Franke <...> writes:

This patch fixes the data I/O protocol of the ATA PACKET command.

The current implementation does not read the byte count
registers. ATAPI read may not work if the drive sends the data in
more than one block.

In conjunction with my recent SCSI blocksize patch, ATAPI CD/DVD
drives should now work.

Sorry for not commenting on many things on this list.  I am too busy
to check all this.


Meantime, I have tested the SCSI and ATAPI fixes on several PC. If there
are no further comments, I will commit these soon.

Committed, plus an additional wait in grub_atapi_identify.

Open issues:
- grub_pio_read/write() check the ERR bit without ensuring !BSY.
- ata_read fails if (batch % size) == 0.
- ata_write does not work at all, it uses the read cmd.


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