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Re: Grub2 svn2059

From: BandiPat
Subject: Re: Grub2 svn2059
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 2009 00:15:50 -0400
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Pavel Roskin wrote:
On Thu, 2009-04-02 at 17:00 -0400, BandiPat wrote:
Hi guys,
Help a Grub2 novice out please. I try to keep up with most of the changes you guys make, but I've either missed something or there is a problem with the latest svn release, listed in the subject.

Why are you writing that?  Did any previous revision work for you?
Sure, presently using svn2031 and have had no problems like this with
any other previous build.

Upon building the package for Zenwalk, installing, then running grub-install, I rebooted the machine to test. I got the "Welcome to Grub2" then an error!
error:  the symbol 'grub_command_list not found
Entering Rescue mode...

I cannot reproduce that problem with revision 2059.  Please give details
how exactly you built and installed GRUB.
I can include my build script, if that will help you determine the
problem.  I can assure you though the only changes I made in the script
from 2031 to 2059 was the version number though.  Installation was
standard "upgradepkg", then I ran grub-install (device).  Could it be
that something didn't copy over?  I'm using ext3 filesystem, where I was
using xfs, but again 2031 works fine.

What happened?

GRUB cannot find some module, probably "minicmd".  Please post the
output of "ls" and "set".  Perhaps "prefix" points to an undetected
I didn't write that down when testing 2059 and cannot remember the
output of either, sorry.

  Did I fail to build it correctly?

I don't know.  You message doesn't indicate any build failures.
I ask this in case there was something else I needed to include in the
./configure I may have left out.  One thing I'll mention, but I don't
believe it plays a part, is that we just started using the latest gcc 4.3.3?

It looks like the failure happens before grub.cfg is loaded, so the
contents of grub.cfg is irrelevant at that stage.

Ok, so either something failed to compile or I built it incorrectly.
Included find the build text, which may be of help.  I did not see any
errors. The mail list wouldn't take the large text file, so I'll post it on my download site for you to grab with the build script.,etc/,etc/grub2-svn2059-build.txt

thanks again,

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