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Re: [PATCH] xnu

From: Joey Korkames
Subject: Re: [PATCH] xnu
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 16:22:50 -0700

I have your whole patch series applied and have been trying to use this to boot the PureDarwin 9 kernel (on various x86 32 & 64 bit machines):

menuentry "PureDarwin 9 (phcoder efiemu)" {
       #efiemu_loadcore /osstore/STAGE1a/grub2/efiemu32.o
       efiemu_loadcore /osstore/STAGE1a/grub2/efiemu64.o
       efiemu_pnvram /osstore/STAGE2/DARWIN/pnvram_vars
        set fsb=667
       xnu_kernel /osstore/STAGE2/DARWIN/live/mach_kernel -v -s rd=md0
       xnu_mkext /osstore/STAGE2/DARWIN/live/System/Library/Extensions.mkext
       xnu_ramdisk /osstore/STAGE2/DARWIN/darwin1.img


where darwin files are from:

where pnvram_vars is a blank file and darwin1.img is an disk image with an hfs partition in it (still working the layout of that fs per

I doesn't matter if I set gfxterm/vbe_mode/fsb or not, the best I get is an 
immediately panic'ed kernel.
I can only see the output on a CRT monitor of a 2CPU(x4 core) EM64T server 
(black text on a _dark_ blue background - very hard to read).

A Xen HVM freezes up and the text (if any) is invisible, as well as on several laptop 
LCDs (hard to really test these platforms since can't "see" the crash).

It seems xnu_mkext works because the output differs when that line is ommited 
(complains abount not having an /Extensions for ACPI)

Do you have any pointers to improve the video output?


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