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Re: [PATCH] bless command

From: Vladimir Serbinenko
Subject: Re: [PATCH] bless command
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2009 16:14:22 +0200

Thank you for the testing and info.

Redundant info -
I checked the OSX bless utility, it requires both folder and file, or it will not agree to bless the file.
I'm nearly sure now that folder blessing (+tbxi attribute) is used on ppc macs and file blessing on  intel macs. Now the question is how we do it. We can either keep the current syntax or IMO it's better to have two commands:
intelmacbless and ppcmacbless both accepting file as an argument. First one updates finderInfo[1] and the second one updates finderInfo[0] and sets filetype of given file to tbxi and if any other file has the type tbxi in the same directory then change it to any other value (e.g. tbxj)

Now all we need is  --setBoot to make grub.efi the default boot, no Option key required.
In my todo. Thanks to ams I have all the needed info now

Oh, and how do we get grub.efi booted to bless itself - the only way I know at present is to use a rEFIt CD, which is bootable by Apple EFI.
I don't understand your question but hfspbless works in grub-emu too. Also I guess we have to write grub-setup wrapper around hfspbless and grub-mkrescue. I've seen that genisoimage can create iso+hfs disks. Is anybody interested in writing corresponding script?

On Sun, Apr 19, 2009 at 8:50 PM, Vladimir Serbinenko <address@hidden> wrote:
Hello, thank you for the testing. Two concepts together (system folder and system file) are clearly redundant. I thought that intel macs look which folder is blessed and load boot.efi file from this directory. Here I attach a patch which updates finderinfo[0] when argument is a directory and finderinfo[1] when argument is a file. Can you do a test and tell me which concept is really used by intel macs? When doing tests don't forget to hold option key and select your testing partition. I will do a similar test on my ppc mac

On Sun, Apr 19, 2009 at 6:51 AM, Peter Cros <address@hidden> wrote:

Tested and works on Apple imac81 with Mac OSX 10.5, patch applied to r 2074

grub> hfspbless (hd0,3)/efi

Last login: Sun Apr 19 14:30:23 on console
im81:~ pxw$ bless --info /Volumes/hfsp 
finderinfo[0]:     52 => Blessed System Folder is /Volumes/hfsp/efi
finderinfo[1]:      0 => No Blessed System File
finderinfo[2]:      0 => Open-folder linked list empty
finderinfo[3]:      0 => No OS 9 + X blessed 9 folder
finderinfo[4]:      0 => Unused field unset
finderinfo[5]:      0 => No OS 9 + X blessed X folder
64-bit VSDB volume id:  0x0F87F7680B9C5211
im81:~ pxw$ 

Now it just needs to bless the file in order to boot from grub.efi on Apple EFI

hfspbless <DIRECTORY> <FILE>

This would be VERY useful, making grub.efi boot possible on Apple Mac without needing Mac OSX or refit.

hfspbless is fine for a name

2009/4/19 Vladimir Serbinenko <address@hidden>
Hello, due to request by ams I wrote this. It's an analog of "bless" command available under OSX rewritten using grub2 fs functions and according to apple specification of hfs+ on-disk format. This command only update the blessed folder on a partition it doesn't change which drive is used for booting. The later will be a separate command. Also you can choose which volume to boot from by holding option key. Syntax:
hfspbless <DIRECTORY>
It works only on HFS+ volumes. Also due to the lack of hardware I wasn't unable to test this "in vivo"


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