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Re: Kexec loading grub2

From: Joey Korkames
Subject: Re: Kexec loading grub2
Date: Sat, 02 May 2009 15:04:47 -0700

Please use Multiboot.  It's about time we start standarising on boot

 # kexec --type multiboot-x86 --load grub2.elf
  issues this error:
 > Base address: 8200 is not page aligned

Multiboot doesn't require that load addresses are page aligned, but I think you
can change the link address without much trouble.

I'll try changing the load address in the .rmk and see where that goes with --type multiboot-x86.

If you use 0x100000, though, the Linux loader will probably stop working.

I'm not too worried about breaking the linux loader since kexec can load linux long as it can load some other OS's (multiboot - kexec can only multiboot Xen, *BSD)
or chainloader, I'll be happy.

Thanks for the response!


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