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Re: Macbook, Efi, Display mode

From: Stefan Bienert
Subject: Re: Macbook, Efi, Display mode
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2009 22:48:50 +0200
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And another "Hi",

update: Using '--file' in the search did the trick! I really start
loving Grub2: Really faster booting, seems to be easy to configure...

>>>> 2 days of booting with grub2 in EFI mode and still happy...
>>>> Now I have several further questions:
>>>> - Depending on whether an USB disk is connected, or not, the hd numbers
>>>> change. Is there a setup to avoid changing the numbers in the entries on
>>>> boot?
>>> Use UUIDs
>> What is that?

You know, you make feeling me like a noob again.

>>  Where do I get it from? 
> grub-probe -t fs_uuid /
> or grub-probe -t fs_uuid -d /dev/sda1
>> How do I incorporate this into

> search --set --fs-uuid abc-123...

Just for the sake of completion: abc-123.../path/to/kernel?

I prefer using the search for a file, since I may switch disks without
resetting the uuid.

Now for the eye-candy...

greetings and many, many thanks,


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