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Faulty BIOS or GRUB issue (USB Stick won't boot)

From: Daniel Mierswa
Subject: Faulty BIOS or GRUB issue (USB Stick won't boot)
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2009 03:12:15 +0200
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Hey list,
in January this year I got my hands dirty with a laptop and tried booting it via USB stick. The thing is that, when installed to the MBR of the stick, the BIOS just won't detect it and print "Operating system not found" and skips to reading the MBR from HDD. If I install it into the active boot partition of the stick, it will show me the "GRUB " notification_string (boot/i386/pc/boot.S). I'm currently booting this stick via syslinux which then loads a GRUB image I created with lnxboot.img. However I find this very impractical, as I need to find the UUID of the stick (which GRUB then sees as fd0) and load a configuration which itself loads the real GRUB configuration. I received quite a few help during that time of year by Robert and daChaac via IRC, and I also posted this on help-grub@ but got no answer there. I bring this up again, because someone else faced the same issue with another USB stick (until that point I seemed to be the only one facing it). I "debug"ed as good as I could by putting the output of the notification string in the boot.S file to several places and reboot. It comes to the point where it executes `jmp *(kernel_address)`.
If anyone has any idea how to go on with this issue, I'd welcome it.
Thanks in advance.

Mierswa, Daniel

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