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Re: [GITGRUB] New menu interface (implementation)

From: Michal Suchanek
Subject: Re: [GITGRUB] New menu interface (implementation)
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 2009 13:46:47 +0200

2009/10/6 Bean <address@hidden>:
> Hi,
> Update:
> Support fill character in graphic mode, this can be used to draw rect
> box using ascii character, for example:
>    top_left = ",,cyan/blue,#0x250F:,,green/blue,#0x2554"
>    top = ",tiling,cyan/blue,#0x2501:,,green/blue,#0x2550"
>    top_right = ",,cyan/blue,#0x2513:,,green/blue,#0x2557"
>    left = ",tiling,cyan/blue,#0x2503:,,green/blue,#0x2551"
>    right = ",tiling,cyan/blue,#0x2503:,,green/blue,#0x2551"
>    bottom_left = ",,cyan/blue,#0x2517:,,green/blue,#0x255A"
>    bottom = ",tiling,cyan/blue,#0x2501:,,green/blue,#0x2550"
>    bottom_right = ",tiling,cyan/blue,#0x251B:,,green/blue,#0x255D"
> It draws double rect box when selected, single rect box when not
> selected. Works both in text and graphic mode.

This is an interesting feature but I was more interested in
controlling the border in text mode independently of graphics mode.

For example, I would want something like:
 - graphics: 3px outer space, 2px border, 16px inner space
(unfortunately there is no character unit usable because the character
size is different when measured horizontally and vertically)
 - text: single border using the box drawing characters, inner space
vertical 1character

AFAIK this is not possible.

> Adjustment to the layout manager, now it support the following properties:
> direction:
> Same as before, value can be left_to_right, right_to_left,
> top_to_bottom (default) and bottm_to_top.
> position:
> This indicate how extra space are distributed among children widgets:
> near: pack the widgets at the near end (for example, in left_to_right,
> near is left)
> center: space are distributed evenly among widgets
> far: pack the widgets at the far end (for example, in left_to_right,
> far is right)

This sounds good. The case when the widgets should be packed in the
center can be done with an additional centered panel.

> valign, halign:
> Now align property control the position of current widget, instead of
> its children, each have four values:
> left/top
> center
> right/bottom
> extend - Extend the widget to the full width/height of parent.
> margin_left, margin_right, margin_top, margin_bottom
> This properties set the inner space reserved by the panel
> padding_left, padding_right, padding_top, padding_bottom
> This set the outbound box of the panel
> attach_left, attach_right, attach_top, attach_bottom
> Stick the widget to one of the border of parent, once this is set, the
> widget is no longed controlled by the layout manager and therefore can
> overlap with other widget.

This sucks. Since overlap is not properly handled it should not happen.

I am not sure what is the use of this property anyway.



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