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GRUB update problems

From: Henry W. Peters
Subject: GRUB update problems
Date: Tue, 05 Jan 2010 13:07:09 -0500
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I run Debian Lenny sid/squeeze, the updater this morning just "updated" my GRUB2 version... (not sure of the version).

Anyway, I have a Dell S1909 WX monitor at resolution 1440 x 900 (analogue) at 60 Hz. (the recommended resolution). I do dual boot with Windows XP (sp3) & besides a GNOME desktop, I have xfce installed. So I use GRUB bootloader.

Since I got this monitor (I previously used Ubuntu distro), I have had a problem with it & Linux... (i.e., not in Windows). I discovered that I needed to change the display resolution via the 'Startup-Manager.' This apparently changes the resolution in GRUB. With the last two versions of GRUB, this worked fairly well, the vertical lines (like a double shifted image) almost completely disappeared. This "newest" version of GRUB, the lines are back full force, & no parameter that I set in the 'Startup-Manager' helps... (though, as a side note... when set to so work with working monitor res. the text in the startup routine was too tiny for words (to be read)). It appears to be two display drivers conflicting... (????)

I probably need to get the display resolution in GRUB to correspond to my ACTUAL desktop resolution... I'm guessing; so, until GRUB works out what appears to me, to be a 'bug' (?), or I can know what to do to remedy... perhaps there is a workaround someone can suggest?

& one more note, I also had a problem with GRUB (or what ever...) when I hit the restart/shut down routine... it would sometimes only do a log off, & then I would have to do a restart from the log on screen, well... it's back with this recent version of GRUB.

Any helpful help appreciated.


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