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[PATCH] a new filessytem module for nilfs2

From: Jiro SEKIBA
Subject: [PATCH] a new filessytem module for nilfs2
Date: Wed, 03 Feb 2010 18:41:15 +0900
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This is a patch to support nilfs2 filesystem.
I would like you to review the patch.

I've checked with revno 2153 and kvm(qemu) environment.

Also the patch has already an ability to boot the kernel from
the nilfs partition, I have a following ToDo list to improve the module.

1. revision check for future disk layout changes
2. CRC check for superblock to ensure the partition is a nilfs2 partition
3. CRC check latest log block to ensure valid log 
4. search the latest log in case unclean unmount happened

nilfs2 stands for New Implementation of Log Filesystem version2.
nilfs2 has been merged into linux main line kernel since 2.6.30.

Please give me any comments or advice.

thank you very much in advance
Jiro SEKIBA <address@hidden>

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