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UEFI. Running grub only once functionality

From: George Buranov
Subject: UEFI. Running grub only once functionality
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2010 13:04:48 +0300

Hello everybody.

I got situation: I need to load linux kernel from grub, that can easily fail on some computers (even in production). I use grub to load this and the only this kernel.

So, what I want to do is to load another OS loader, if grub (or more specificly my kernel) fails.

I know that UEFI supports this functionality (BootNext variable, UEFI Spec 3.1.2)
"The boot manager is also required to initiate a boot of the boot option specified by the BootNext variable as the first boot option on the next boot, and only on the next boot. The boot manager removes the BootNext variable before transferring control to the BootNext boot option"

If the grub can modify BootNext, if would be just ideal!

I also read, that grub has internal support for booting-once only

But it is not really clear how does it check if the kernel fails - my kernel just hangs or reboot the OS??? So, this option does not seem too secure. I need 100% garanty that the GRUB will try to load only once, and after that it will pass the loading to another OS

Thanks in advance!


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