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Search GPT partition in GRUB

From: gburanov
Subject: Search GPT partition in GRUB
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2010 06:26:10 -0500

Hello everybody.

I am currently trying to realize the following functionality: I want grub to 
load the kernel from GPT partition. I am using grub build for UEFI. So, I got 
following questions for now:

I don't want to use standart naming conversion, here are some reasons:

* It is not clear what is (hd1, 0). I understand that is means first partition 
on the first disk, but what is first disk on EFI? I know, for example, that you 
can easy change the order in BIOS (SCSI first or IDE first), but what about 
UEFI? What disk exactly is hd1, and what is hd2? Or that's platform specific?

* If it's platform specific, is there a way in live OS to obtain UEFI disk 
number, used by GRUB?

I am currently looking into "search" grub command, it seems it can search by 
filesystem UUID, but I want to load from NTFS. Do we have UUID on NTFS? Is UUID 
really unique? I guess no.

It would be ideal if we can search the GPT partition/disk by GUID - that's what 
we got NTFS GUID for =)

Do anybody know is it really possible?

Thanks in advance,

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