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[PATCH] Compressed modules

From: Szymon Janc
Subject: [PATCH] Compressed modules
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2010 00:03:42 +0200
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Attached patch adds support for compressing modules (and locales) with gzip or 
xz. /boot/grub size is reduced ~45-55%.

I haven't done any real performance tests but here is short summary from 
virtualbox (no gfxmenu and no unicode font) - time measured start after  
grub_machine_init() and stop after menu_init() :
no compression:  ~980 ms
gzip: ~890 ms
xz: ~950 ms

I must say that results are far better then I've expected. It should be even 
more interesting with other compressors - like LZO which is designed for 
decompression speed and produces file ~10% larger compared to gzip --best

Please keep in mind that compressed fonts are special use case (random access, 
use of bufio) which would require further evaluation and implemenation (pseudo 
random access is possible in gzip/xz, but not implemented yet in xzio, didn't 
check gzio status) for not being extremely suboptimal. I'll try to adress this 
issue in future after some thinking through.

Patch depends on transparent io and xz compression support. (to boot with xz 
compression also 07a_xzio_fix.diff is required)

Please test and comment.

Szymon K. Janc
address@hidden // GG: 1383435

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