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Re: [RFT] Re: [Patch] [bug #26237] multiple problems with usb devices

From: Aleš Nesrsta
Subject: Re: [RFT] Re: [Patch] [bug #26237] multiple problems with usb devices
Date: Wed, 02 Jun 2010 21:39:56 +0200

Hi Vladimir,

Vladimir 'φ-coder/phcoder' Serbinenko wrote:
> There were few special cases. (Hopefully) fixed and ccomitted into "usb".

You are successful, great work, all devices are working (with some known
exceptions on UHCI - see below in point 2.).

But better will be if somebody else also tests more devices on both

Some additional informations:

I found multi-LUN relatedproblem: I have one multi-LUN device - card
reader - and I tried plug into it more than one card. In this case "ls"
command reports bad number of filesystems (and also bad type of listed
partition filesystem) on another than first LUN.

It looks like that (not true copy of console):
(usb0a) (usb0,msdos1) (usb0b,msdos1)
It is bad because LUN usb0b has four partitions with ext2 filesystem.

When I try for example "ls (usb0b,4)/", grub returns for the first try
"error: unknown filesystem.", for second try grub does normal file list.
(the same for another partitions, i.e. (usb0b,1), (usb0b,2), (usb0b,3))

The same configuration works fine under Linux and Windows.

Oh, I find probably the mistake right now - there is missing my older
small patch in usbms.c - there is fast "hand made" "patch", I have no
more time, sorry:
usbms.c, line 240:
-   cbw.lun = scsi->lun << GRUB_SCSI_LUN_SHIFT;
+   cbw.lun = scsi->lun; /* In USB MS CBW are LUN bits on another place
than in SCSI CDB, both should be set correctly. */

I found some other devices to test, now I have 13 USB MS bulk-only
devices, each is from another manufacturer and there are approx. five
different kinds of devices - flash disk, hard disk, card reader, camera,
mobile phone.
What is known but maybe interesting, three devices are not working at
all on UHCI - but are working on OHCI (and under Linux / Windows they
are also working) - as we discussed previously, it can be some problem
with power or EHCI influence because it looks like device is not
properly powered.
UHCI-problematic devices  are: Transcend SDHC card reader and two flash
disks - EMTEC "lollipop" and PRETEC Bullet-Proof.
One curiosity - cheap EMTEC "lollipop" USB flash disk has USB ID
0000:0000... (but it works on OHCI).

In Linux USB mass storage source is interesting link about problems with
USB mass storage devices: (and inside )

In Linux source You can find also one interesting information - from
some Intel chipset version there are new bits in UHCI hub port registers
related to overcurrent (bits 10 & 11). But we currently don't care about
overcurrent at all.

One really stupid question related to your older e-mail:

What does mean "For this you can add a new field in "o"." ?

It is something related to Bazaar branch ? Or to something in source
code configuration etc. ?
(I am totally unexperienced with bazaar and similar tools, the same with
autogen and similar..., sorry.)

That's all for now, there will be probably silent from me for some

Best regards

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