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Changes needed in grub-mkimage for UEFI

Subject: Changes needed in grub-mkimage for UEFI
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2010 21:12:51 +0530

The bzr rev 2372 which unified grub-mkimage command has lead to a
generated grub.efi not being portable. I have to use the following
command to generate a working grub2.efi

./grub-mkimage -d . -o <EFI SYSTEM PARTITION>/efi/grub2/grub2.efi -O
x86_64-efi -p /efi/grub2 <My_Long_List_of_modules>

No efi based boot-loader I know of, stores hard-coded paths for its
supporting files. Without the "-p /efi/grub2" parameter , the
generated grub2.efi fails to load the /efi/grub2/grub.cfg menu and if
the normal module is not included in the efi app, launches into the
rescue console. Before the grub-mkimage change, no prefix parameter
was needed while generating grub2.efi . The old grub2.efi file
automatically determined the path from which it was launched and
loaded the grub.cfg file successfully. Thus the old grub2.efi was
portable as any path can be used to store the modules, grub2.efi,
grub.cfg files and even if the folder was renamed, it would still
work. The new grub2.efi needs a hard-coded prefix path to work
properly. Please revert back this requirement alone (mainly for UEFI).

I have one more feature request :-

Is it possible to specify which config file should be read by grub
instead of a hard-coded grub.cfg ? For example :- If I have a <EFI
SYSTEM PARTITION>/efi/grub2/ folder with grub1.efi grub2.efi grub3.efi
(each having different set of modules with normal and other basic
modules included) etc., and I have grub.cfg grub5.cfg grub4.cfg, I
want grub1.efi to use grub.cfg, grub2.efi to use grub5.cfg and
grub3.efi to use grub4.cfg (the config file name can be user choice).
One efi app should not load any other cfg file even if many cfg files
are present in the prefix folder.

I noticed an option of embedding a config file in grub-mkimage .
Instead of embedding, I just want the generated image to load a
different config file with a filename of my choice which can be
specified as a parameter in grub-mkimage. Is this possible? This can
also be an option for core.img of grub2 BIOS, but this option is more
useful for UEFI where multiple grub efi apps can be created.

Finally, just a matter of interest, what non-Apple UEFI (2.x spec, not
1.1 spec) systems do you guys use primarily for developing grub2 UEFI?
Any Intel Motherboard or some UEFI based laptop (HP Elitebook or Sony
Vaio) or USB based Tianocore EDK or EDK2 DUET (the firmware I use)?


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