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Re: Changes needed in grub-mkimage for UEFI

From: Vladimir 'φ-coder/phcoder' Serbinenko
Subject: Re: Changes needed in grub-mkimage for UEFI
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2010 00:40:36 +0200
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On 06/19/2010 05:42 PM, KESHAV P.R. wrote:
> The bzr rev 2372 which unified grub-mkimage command has lead to a
> generated grub.efi not being portable. I have to use the following
> command to generate a working grub2.efi
On the contrary. Now we use the same defaults on all platforms which
simplifies maintaining and packaging. To get old behaviour add
-p ""
to grub-mkimage line
> ./grub-mkimage -d . -o <EFI SYSTEM PARTITION>/efi/grub2/grub2.efi -O
> x86_64-efi -p /efi/grub2 <My_Long_List_of_modules>
> No efi based boot-loader I know of, stores hard-coded paths for its
> supporting files. Without the "-p /efi/grub2" parameter , the
> generated grub2.efi fails to load the /efi/grub2/grub.cfg menu and if
> the normal module is not included in the efi app, launches into the
> rescue console. Before the grub-mkimage change, no prefix parameter
> was needed while generating grub2.efi . The old grub2.efi file
> automatically determined the path from which it was launched and
> loaded the grub.cfg file successfully. Thus the old grub2.efi was
> portable as any path can be used to store the modules, grub2.efi,
> grub.cfg files and even if the folder was renamed, it would still
> work. The new grub2.efi needs a hard-coded prefix path to work
> properly. Please revert back this requirement alone (mainly for UEFI).
> I have one more feature request :-
> Is it possible to specify which config file should be read by grub
> instead of a hard-coded grub.cfg ? For example :- If I have a <EFI
> SYSTEM PARTITION>/efi/grub2/ folder with grub1.efi grub2.efi grub3.efi
> (each having different set of modules with normal and other basic
> modules included) etc., and I have grub.cfg grub5.cfg grub4.cfg, I
> want grub1.efi to use grub.cfg, grub2.efi to use grub5.cfg and
> grub3.efi to use grub4.cfg (the config file name can be user choice).
> One efi app should not load any other cfg file even if many cfg files
> are present in the prefix folder.
> I noticed an option of embedding a config file in grub-mkimage .
> Instead of embedding, I just want the generated image to load a
> different config file with a filename of my choice which can be
> specified as a parameter in grub-mkimage. Is this possible? This can
> also be an option for core.img of grub2 BIOS, but this option is more
> useful for UEFI where multiple grub efi apps can be created.
> Finally, just a matter of interest, what non-Apple UEFI (2.x spec, not
> 1.1 spec) systems do you guys use primarily for developing grub2 UEFI?
> Any Intel Motherboard or some UEFI based laptop (HP Elitebook or Sony
> Vaio) or USB based Tianocore EDK or EDK2 DUET (the firmware I use)?
> Regards.
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Vladimir 'φ-coder/phcoder' Serbinenko

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