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Multiboot integration into the Linux kernel

From: Thomas Renninger
Subject: Multiboot integration into the Linux kernel
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2010 09:07:04 +0200
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I tried googling about this, but beside a patch (around 2005?) on lkml without
a thread why it's not there I couldn't find much...

What I'd like to a achieve is the possibility to override ACPI BIOS tables via 
boot loader and IMO the module loading as specified in the multiboot spec is
perfect to do this.
DSDT overriding via initrd existed (as a hack, never mainline), but DSDT 
parsing is done earlier in the boot process and it gets harder/impossible to 
do this with the current approach.
With multiboot it should be possible to access files passed by the boot loader
early and implementing the possibility to override arbitrary ACPI tables (also 
the more than a dozen static ones, e.g. SRAT, APIC, DMAR, ...)
which are needed really early in the boot process for debugging purposes 
should be possible?

Does there exist an out of tree multiboot Linux kernel project/repository I 
couldn't find with the aim to get things merged mainline at some point?

What are the reasons/arguments multiboot does not exist in the Linux kernel?

Thanks for any hint,


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