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Re: UEFI Boot with Grub-Experimental

From: Piscium
Subject: Re: UEFI Boot with Grub-Experimental
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2010 20:09:23 +0100

On 1 July 2010 18:54,  <address@hidden> wrote:
> Something I forgot to mention that's important -- (sorry for the spam)
> -- GRUB tries to initalize with 800x600 regardless of what $gfxmode is
> set to.
> set gfxmode=1024x768
> will still result in GRUB trying to initalize the video as 800x600
> after the 'boot' command is issued.
> -stephen

This thread probably fits better in the grub help forum, nevertheless
I will share some of my experience in case it helps.

A few weeks ago I managed to add graphical boot to my PC. It took me a
few hours to figure out how to do it because of lack of documentation.
So I had to read a bunch of shell scripts, as well as some C code, and
see how they string together. I found one page of useful information,
though it is partly out of date:

The gist of the story is that to enable graphical boot, which is what
you appear to be trying to do as you are using "set gfxmode", you need
to have fonts available for grub. Moreover they must be in Unicode.
That is where the link I provided above was useful to me, it showed
how to create the fonts.

As I have Windows on my PC, I grabbed one of the Microsoft fonts,
arialuni.ttf, and converted it to pf2. Alternatively you can try to
create it yourself from GNU unifont, and still a third possibility, if
you have Ubuntu installed, is to use unicode.pf2 that is installed in

Whichever way you obtain the fonts file, you need to make it
accessible to grub, and let it know where you put it. In my case I
created an "extra" directory off /boot/grub where I put the fonts file
as well as the background image.

The next step is to edit the grub default file. I use the default
upstream location, so the file would be:

Note that if you built and installed grub from upstream sources that
file is not installed automatically, you have to create it and then
add contents to it. I am pasting below the contents of my file,
expunged of comments. Note the last line where I tell grub where to
find the fonts:



I also have a nice background image that I got from Gnome Art. I could
say how I made it work with grub but it is outside the scope of your

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