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Re: UEFI Boot with Grub-Experimental

From: stephen
Subject: Re: UEFI Boot with Grub-Experimental
Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2010 16:49:37 -0700
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I've gotten UEFI booting working on some platforms, while other
platforms are not working.  Specifically, booting on Intel's own
motherobards using Intel's own BIOS software (Specifically, the SOX5810J
motherboard) does not seem to work.  I get the blank screen before the
kernel is about to come alive and after grub hands off execution to the
kernel.  It boots fine with the noefi flag, but without noefi it doesn't

I've tried all sorts of kernel flags to try to get some sort of output:
earlyprintk, debug=all, loglevel=7, vga=771, etc.  However, nothing
works -- the system is hung (numlock doesn't cause the LED to turn

Although I suspect this to be a kernel bug, could it be that grub is
setting up the video improperly or something?  The AMIBIOS boards have
some special video mode that uses the gnu unicode font.  The intel
boards only use the default system font.  

Any ideas on how to get some sort of output or kernel panic would be


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