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[Patch] USB hot-plugging support - usb branch

From: Aleš Nesrsta
Subject: [Patch] USB hot-plugging support - usb branch
Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2010 01:06:29 +0200


I little bit changed "hot-plugging" support added into "usb" branch by
Vladimir - see included patch. For the first look it maybe works on
UHCI, I did not test it on OHCI yet...

Basic info to this patch:

This patch is made against current usb branch code (rev. 2427).
This patch is not committed into usb branch yet - it was tested only
once and very simply and it does not work on hubs (i.e. on non-root
hubs; some timeout happens here).
I will continue on development and testing soon (if it will be
possible...) and I will commit into usb some better version later (I

I am not using original comparing of "hub->speed[i]" and "speed" to
detect connection status change (but I left the "hub" structure in code,
it can be maybe useful in future). I am using built-in functions of
OHCI/UHCI controllers (available via root hub port register) which
should be more reliable and are more systematic and closed to

There is missing handling of disconnected devices. For this we will need
to know on which port which device is attached - it is currently not
known - and we need to know it "recursively" because devices can be
connected indirectly via non-root hubs.
On this part I probably will not work in near future (currently I have
no simple and suitable idea how to do it).


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