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Re: Big Endian fix patch

From: Doug Nazar
Subject: Re: Big Endian fix patch
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 16:10:58 -0400
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 On 2010-07-28 2:49 PM, Lennart Sorensen wrote:

mdadm: device 1 in /dev/md/0 has wrong state in superblock, but /dev/sdb2 seems
Ok, I think this is a bug in mdadm. I couldn't replicate it on a x86 box but then tried it in the ppc image and it got the same message. Not sure if it's because of an endian issue or version issue my x86 boxes have version 3.1.2 while the Ubuntu ppc is running

The error seems kinda strange as devices are 0 numbered so sdb2 is probably device 1 (I assume sda2 is device 0). Unfortunately the mdadm source has half a dozen structs with the same members so it's almost impossible to grep for where things are. It looks like that error happens when it's detecting if the drives are in the right roles. There's a __cpu_to_le32 that seems suspicious to me (super1.c:676).

What version of mdadm do you have?

That's the first raid1.

The superblocks are correct.


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