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Detect if we actually have partitions and print raid info in "ls -l"

From: Doug Nazar
Subject: Detect if we actually have partitions and print raid info in "ls -l"
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2010 00:06:27 -0400
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Here are a couple more patches to cleanup the raid user interface a little.

The first detects if there are actually partitions on the disk. Only kicks in if we open the whole disk and the underlying subsystem says there might be partitions. Slight semantic change is that has_partitions now really means it has partitions rather then might have partitions. This cleans up the tab completion of devices that may have partitions but we're using the full disk (i.e. usually raid devices, lvms, etc.)

The second expands the 'ls -l' output to include raid information. Previously depending on the raid metadata layout, it was possible to detect the filesystem on the underlying raid partition. So now it checks for raid devices first and if detected prints out the raid info. This probably requires the previous patches for raid that have been posted in the last few days. Holler if you want a roll-up patch.

Partition ide1,apple9: RAID6, md/1 - Disk 2/4, UUID 5c991134-a98c-2396-7204-9d6b077d2840

The last patch fixes a small error I had in the calculation of ofdisk sizes and also prints the device with the seek/read error.


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