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Fallback to scanning OF tree if no devaliases

From: Doug Nazar
Subject: Fallback to scanning OF tree if no devaliases
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2010 02:21:36 -0400
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Lennart, try giving this patch a whirl. In the case after we scan the aliases list and we haven't found any block devices it will now try to scan the entire tree. It kinda worked under OpenBios although I ran into another bug where it can't open a device path that it gave me for the pci ide controller. It found the other 2 drives fine.

I think this maintains the correct balance of using short pretty names if available but working if they are not available.

There is a case where it will mess up however. If you only specify an alias for one device but need another device to build a raid or lvm it will fail. Although, thinking about it, this already would happen.

As always, you can specify the either path manually.


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