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Re: Fallback to scanning OF tree if no devaliases

From: Doug Nazar
Subject: Re: Fallback to scanning OF tree if no devaliases
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2010 15:11:47 -0400
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 On 2010-07-29 1:37 PM, Lennart Sorensen wrote:
I will try to test it soon, but I just put the machine into production
use, so rebooting a lot won't be popular.  I will try to test it in
the evening.  Unfortunately I am going on vacation for a week, so it
probably won't be until after that.

Thanks for trying to fix it though.

No problem. I was having fun..... :-)

I'm gonna try hacking on OpenBios for a bit. I should be able to get an older version working and then I can fix a few annoying things and I'll be able to inject a comma into a devpath as a test. However I don't know if that's what was in fact crashing your box.


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