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Re: Multiboot video mode request on EFI-gop

From: Vladimir 'φ-coder/phcoder' Serbinenko
Subject: Re: Multiboot video mode request on EFI-gop
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2012 16:46:42 +0100
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On 16.01.2012 16:22, Thomas Nilsen wrote:

I think i might have explained myself incorrect.

What i mean is:

1. Grub2 runs very well on BIOS & (U)EFI bios. Nice graphics as requested in gfxmode etc.

2. Grub2 loads multiboot kernel and gives it its requested videomode (from the videomode request part of multibootheader)

3. Grub2 does NOT load multiboot kernel and gives it its requested videomode. It seems to give it its mode, but the info is not right in the multiboot parameters.. So the "kernel" cannot tell what mode it is, where its LFB is and bpp etc.


So what i think is happening (not happening) is that when using GOP and not VBE (for bios) then the updating of the multibootparams are not handled correctly.. It might be my mistake, but i cannot seem to get it working.. (might be my code that is not right..)

Did you notice that the structure for the generic video is different and pointed in another place than VBE one?

2012/1/16 Phillip Susi <address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>>

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    On 1/16/2012 5:24 AM, Thomas Nilsen wrote:
    > Im thinking since its the efi-gop driver/module that handles video
    > mode on EFI boot this could probably be used when booting the same
    > way that vbe module does the change before executing the kernel.

    That's exactly what it is for.  Make sure you have that module loaded.

    > Im interrested in contributing on fixing this if someone with some
    > information can point me where to start off if someone knows whats
    > missing, or maby what is going wrong. I will start doing some
    > research aswell, but help is very much appreciated.

    If the GOP module is loaded and you are not satisfied with the video
    modes it provides, then AFAIK, you will need to either try a different
    motherboard ( that has a different EFI GOP implementation ) or get the
    specs for your video card and write your own EFI GOP driver.

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