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[PATCH] [1/11] [gfxmenu/list] fixed height detemination

From: Vladimir Testov
Subject: [PATCH] [1/11] [gfxmenu/list] fixed height detemination
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2013 14:54:43 +0400
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 - get_num_shown_item
 - list_get_minimal_size
 - height of the selected item (it was item_height - 1)

based on patch made by Andrey Borzenkov and my own patch. (And also base on 
the coversation about how the menu should work)

see screenshots included for explanation of the problem
1-1 - how the styled box should look
1-2 - how it looks on the las position

1-3 - result of get_minimal_size function - we can see only one pixel (should 
see 5 of them) of selected_item_pixmap_style - because:
1) height of the center slice is item_height - 1
2) selected_bottom_pad hasn't been taken into account
With best regards,
Vladimir Testov, ROSA Laboratory.

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