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Windows 7 won't boot properly IF keyboard input is made during grub boot

From: Roger Cruz
Subject: Windows 7 won't boot properly IF keyboard input is made during grub boot timeout
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2013 18:27:56 +0000


I’m seeing a funny behavior which I think is caused by GRUB leaving the HW in some state that Windows is not expecting.  Here is the scenario.


In my new Haswell system, I installed an Ubuntu-based custom OS in a dual-boot configuration with the existing Win7 OEM.  The grub menu has Ubuntu 1st and Windows 7 as second choice.   If I power up the machine and use the arrow keys to move the highlighter “cursor” from the Ubuntu entry to the Win7 entry, Windows will choke during loading.  The graphics will be all garbled.  Eventually (many minutes > 10 mins),  windows does boot.   Now, here is the funny thing.  If I boot and don’t touch any keys and simply let the grub boot timer expire and boot the selected entry (which happens to be Windows 7 since it was the last one I booted), then Windows will boot fine.  This is reproducible about 90% of the time.  Any time a key is touched during the count down,  Windows will chock up during its booting process.  The other 10% of the time, Windows will boot normally.


Is this a known problem with my grub version 1.99 (1.99-21ubuntu3.9)?  Any suggestions on what I should look to try to fix in the source code?


Thanks in advance.


Roger R. Cruz

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