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BUGS: btrfs multi-device support fixes

From: Gene Czarcinski
Subject: BUGS: btrfs multi-device support fixes
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2013 11:36:30 -0400
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There are two patches needed in grub2 to support multi-device btrfs volumes.

This first patch (previously submitted) involves the parameters passed to grub2-probe. If not correctly passed, grub2-probe issues an error message. The related problem report is:

The second problem involves having a multi-device btrfs volume with /boot being on the btrfs volume either as part of the root subvolume or as a separate subvolume. The result is an error messare at boot time:
    error: no such device: root.
    hit any key to continue

The solution is to modify grub-probe.c so that " " is issued rather than "\n" for a hint. The related problem report is:

To minimize problems, the two patches have been attached rather than provided inline.

Peter, I cc'ed you so you would be aware of these bug reports. It would be nice if this was applied to both Fedora 20 and 19.


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