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Configure grub for pxe boot and nfs-mounted root

From: Beeblebrox
Subject: Configure grub for pxe boot and nfs-mounted root
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2013 10:14:31 +0200

Using grub-trunk. My PXE boot environment is a little different:

* FreeBSD_amd64 jail on /data/amd64, serving dhcp & tftp from jail.
NFS-related (rpcbind, nfsd, mountd) being served from host (trivial
detail). Jail IP is
* Once PXE client obtains IP, the tftp-server needs to find Grub's
grub.pxe, which will then bring up the menu defined in grub.cfg
* grub.cfg will have 3 different NFS-exported destinations as boot
choices, which have same IP as jail (nfs:/*):
    + /data/amd64 for FreeBSD_amd64
    + /data/i386 for FreeBSD_i386
    + /data/tftp for various *.iso images for booting with "loopback"

My questions are:
1. I assume that since dhcp and tftp are being served from /data/amd64
jail, I must place the grub folder under that path in order for
tftp-server to find it. I don't see a way where tftp-server would be
able to serve-up the grub menu if it were in say /data/tftp path?
2. Do I need to run the code below, is the syntax correct, or is this
for old version:
grub-mkimage --format=i386-pc-pxe --output=grub.pxe
--prefix='(' pxe pxecmd
3. Recall that the grub folder will be residing on /data/amd64 or
/data/tftp. Waht is  the grub.cfg entry for /data/i386? Will this
menuentry "FreeBSD_i386" {
     set root='ip=:::::eth0:dhcp nfsroot='
     kfreebsd /boot/loader     }

Thank you for any input.

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