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Live-ISO's over PXE+HTTP using loopback

From: Beeblebrox
Subject: Live-ISO's over PXE+HTTP using loopback
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2015 21:37:13 +0200

I'm trying to boot several live ISO's using my PXE-boot server and Grub 
loopback. ISO's are fetched by Grub from an HTTP server on the same host.
* I can boot the kernels of all live ISO's through PXE+HTTP transfer.
* Boot process fails at mount-root stage, where rootfs will obviously be 
mounted from the ISO.  Error message is usually similar "could not find the 
ISO" or "unable to find medium containing a live file system".
* A sample menu entry I'm using (thanks to previous answers from this list):
  menuentry "Debian-testing-i386-lxde.iso"" --class gnu-linux --class gnu 
--class os {
  set root="http,"
  set isofile="debian-testing-i386-lxde.iso"
  loopback loop0 ($root)/iso/$isofile
  linux (loop0)/install.386/vmlinuz
  initrd (loop0)/install.386/initrd.gz

As the first step of solving this problem: Is ISO modification the only choice, 
or is it possible to boot a normal ISO by passing the correct parameters to 
grub.cfg? I think the problem could be that ramdisk fails to be created when 
PXE is involved.


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