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Re: Live-ISO's over PXE+HTTP using loopback

From: Andrei Borzenkov
Subject: Re: Live-ISO's over PXE+HTTP using loopback
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2015 10:54:09 +0300

On Mon, Feb 16, 2015 at 10:25 AM, Beeblebrox <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi Andrei, thanks for the answer.
>> You need to tell your kernel/initrd where to find ISO and it should be
>> able to fetch data from it via HTTP.
> I was advised on debian-live, "if ISO contains httpfs, you can boot by 
> pointing the live initramfs to the iso location on your web server"; 
> essentially the same thing you stated.
> That's done by params in the "linux" line then? Something like this?
>   loopback loop0 ($root)$path$isofile
>   linux (loop0)/casper/vmlinuz.efi boot=casper fromiso=$isofile httpfs=$loop0

grub2 device names are not known by linux, so at least the last kernel
parameter is obviously bogus.

>   initrd (loop0)/casper/initrd.lz  }
> This is not working though, so:
> * Should "fromiso=" be full path "($root)$path$isofile"?
> * For "httpfs=", can loop0 be used or should I revert to 
> "($root)$path$isofile"?

See above. It should use whatever kernel/initrd understands and
neither $loop nor $root are understood by kernel. The fact is that
linux kernel cannot read from grub2 (loop) device so unless necessary
support is in initrd this simply cannot be done.

> * Any other suggestions in above syntax appreciated.
> Thanks and Regards.
> --
> FreeBSD_amd64_11-Current_RadeonKMS

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