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Re: [PATCH] verify: search keyid in hashed signature subpackets

From: Ignat Korchagin
Subject: Re: [PATCH] verify: search keyid in hashed signature subpackets
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2016 15:28:31 +0100

Was preparing test data for the above patch. I wanted to reuse files
and keys in tests/file_filter. There are two files: keys and
I assumed first one is private key, while the other one is public.
However, it seems that keys is public as well. Is the test private key
for this public key available?

On Sun, Apr 10, 2016 at 7:34 PM, Ignat Korchagin <address@hidden> wrote:
>> TBH I still think that simply setting READBUF_SIZE to 64K is the simplest 
>> solution.
> I would agree, but I was just a little concerned about allocating
> large buffer. I'm not sure whether GRUB is considered to be able to
> run on very resource constrained environments and it seemed that
> per-subpacket allocation is better. But if you are sure it is OK for
> 64K buffer I can rewrite the code to allocate it once before using it.
>> Just sign files and send new signatures and keys, I will commit them.
> Will send with updated patch.
>> This does more than just searching for keyid, it also hashes content, so 
>> name is misleading.
> Any suggestions?
>> So you allocate full subpacket length anyway. Why not set READBUF_SIZE to 
>> max size then from the very start?
> See the comment about large buffer. This does per-subpacket
> allocation, which should be less then overall subpacket length.

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