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Re: Grub module to return partuuid of a device such as (hd0, gpt1) at bo

From: Andrei Borzenkov
Subject: Re: Grub module to return partuuid of a device such as (hd0, gpt1) at boot time
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2016 21:40:17 +0300
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13.08.2016 20:30, adrian15 пишет:
> What's your use case?

Well, this has been requested before and this is supported by Linux
kernel. So as long as this does not increase core modules size (i.e. is
done outside of partition probing core) I think it will be OK.

> adrian15
> El 12/08/16 a las 16:11, Steve Kenton escribió:
>> As far as I can tell there is no search module that can be used to get
>> the partuuid at boot time given a grub root device such as (hd0,gtp1). I
>> think is would be a useful addition since the resulting partuuid could
>> be passed directly to the kernel as root=PARTUUID=xxx and it does not
>> seem like it should be hard to do. Am I missing something obvious? And,
>> before I jump end the deep end of the pool and try to write it, is
>> anyone else working on something similar?

There was recent patch series that adds support for user-space
grub-probe. Would be good if implementation can be shared. I do not want
to add any special code to handle partitions UUID to core as this is
very special case of really one partition type only, used infrequently
and can be entirely handled by usual device iteration.

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