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Re: Offering help

From: Michael Livshin
Subject: Re: Offering help
Date: 16 Dec 2000 21:22:19 +0200
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Mikael Djurfeldt <address@hidden> writes:

> Four projects which I'd really like to see realized are:
> * A C API specification for GOOPS
>   (How to create classes, instances, generics and methods from C
>   code.)

if you are interested, talk about it to Eric Moore -- I have the
impression that he's actually designing this stuff.

> * A CORBA binding for Guile, utilizing GOOPS objects

I had hoped that I'd have some time for this two months ago, but no
luck.  so this one has not gone anywhere so far ;(.

IIRC Ariel Rios had plans to wrap ORBit for Guile, though.  Ariel?

Don't trust these UNIX people.  They are all demons.  They kill their
parents and fork children.  I don't know how they could do this with
their balls cut off but they manage.                        -- anonymous

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