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Re: Building Guile on IA64 HPUX

From: Hrvoje Nikšić
Subject: Re: Building Guile on IA64 HPUX
Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2006 09:29:48 +0100

On Wed, 2006-11-01 at 22:57 +0100, Steve Ellcey wrote:
> I have downloaded the latest guile sources 
> (guile-core.unstable-20060828.tar.gz) and am trying to build them on
> an 
> HP-UX 11.23 system with GCC and the HP C compiler.  So far neither
> has 
> built.

Have you applied my patches, published at
They solve several problems encountered in building the 1.6 series Guile
on IA64 HPUX and should work for 1.8 as well.  I understand that the
patch was applied to the repository, so you might want to try that as

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