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Re: Building Guile on IA64 HPUX

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Re: Building Guile on IA64 HPUX
Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2006 21:15:23 +0000
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Steve Ellcey <address@hidden> writes:

> I have downloaded the latest guile sources
> (guile-core.unstable-20060828.tar.gz) and am trying to build them on an
> HP-UX 11.23 system with GCC and the HP C compiler.  So far neither has
> built.

As Hrvoje has said, there have been some significant changes since
that date, so you might have more luck with latest CVS.

> HP C compiler:
> -------------
> The compiler is being passed the '-mthreads' which is not an HP C option
> but a GCC option, it should use -mt for multi-threaded compiles with HP
> C.

That's frustrating.  Surely this is a libtool-determined detail, so is
the problem that we're not using the right libtool, or do libtool
builds fail for all free software tarballs when building with the HP C

>  The compile of libguile/environments.c has several warnings and an
> error:

I think we should just remove environments.c from the build, as it
isn't even used yet, and only causes us problems.  I've just done this
in CVS HEAD, and will do so in the branches also if no one objects.

> The error seems to be complaining about different return types for the
> SCM_SET_CORE_ENVIRONMENT_WEAK_OBSERVERS expands to scm_c_vector_set_x
> which is a void routine and SCM_SET_CORE_ENVIRONMENT_OBSERVERS expands
> to an assignment expression with an SCM type.
> I am not sure which type should be changed.

I just don't think this is worth worrying about, until we decide
_really_ to plumb environments.[ch] into the rest of libguile.

> GCC Compiler (prerelease 4.2)
> -----------------------------
> With GCC I died in continuations.c:
> /tmp/guile/guile-core.unstable-20060828/libguile/continuations.c: In function 
> 'scm_make_continuation':
> /tmp/guile/guile-core.unstable-20060828/libguile/continuations.c:151: error: 
> 'mcontext_t' has no member named 'sc_ar_bsp'
> I assume this is because the code is still checking for __ia64__ instead
> of __ia64.  HP C defines __ia64 but not __ia64__.  GCC defines both.
> Some files use __ia64 (gs_os_dep.c, __scm.h) but most still use
> __ia64__, i.e.  continuations.c, gc.c, gc-malloc.c, threads.c.
> I will change the __ia64__ uses and see if I can then compile with GCC.

This is the problem that has since been fixed in CVS.


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