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Re: Pkgsrc patches: patch-aj

From: Greg Troxel
Subject: Re: Pkgsrc patches: patch-aj
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 18:41:19 -0500
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  I think we can just delete these extra errno declarations.  They've
  been there forever - or at least since rev 1.1 of _scm.h in CVS (1996)
  - and I suspect they've just been left in from a time (pre-CVS) before
  the #include <errno.h> was added.

  Can you confirm that ripping this stanza out works for you, then we'll
  go ahead with that for 1.8.5.

I'm sure it works on netbsd, which is all i can test on easily.  As for
the reswt of the pkgsrc platforms, well my take is that you as upstream
should clean things up according to your best judgement and if we need
to re-add a patch we'll do it.  Given that you're including errno.h
always, I think it's just plain wrong to redeclare errno, so rip it out
and we'll pick up the pieces if needed.

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