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guile-vm .go files in GUILE_LOAD_PATH

From: dsmich
Subject: guile-vm .go files in GUILE_LOAD_PATH
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2008 18:57:19 -0400

I've been tracking the guile-vm branch lately and had a recent problem.  After 
much head scratching we finally figured out that a previously installed .go 
file was being used during the buld.

We (Andy and I on irc) hacked around it by creating a new environment variable 
that pre-inst-guile-env can use to override or disable things that libguile 
adds to the load-path.  However, I think there is still a problem.

Basically, a .go file will be preferred over a .scm file even if the .scm file 
is earlier in the load-path.  I think that the file earlier in the load-path 
should win.



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