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Tree-IL Questions

From: Noah Lavine
Subject: Tree-IL Questions
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2011 15:46:46 -0800

Hello again,

I've been working on the compiler issue and I've had to start looking
at processing Tree-IL. As a result, I realized that the Tree-IL
documentation is a bit out-of-date. I would like to fix it, but there
are some things I don't understand.

- It looks like every Tree-IL type has a src slot, correct? But if so,
why doesn't the record-case at module/language/tree-il.scm line 271
(unparse-tree-il) match those src slots? Especially since the big
match statement in peval (line 682) does match them (unless it matches
no entries in the record)?

- On a related note, why do most of the Tree-IL record type not appear
in the define-type statement in tree-il.scm line 133, and is that
connected with the borrow-core-vtables macro that I don't understand
at all? :-)

- Is it guaranteed that the exp slot in a <const> record will always
be a Scheme value, or can it be a Tree-IL expression?


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