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Re: Tree-IL Questions

From: Noah Lavine
Subject: Re: Tree-IL Questions
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2011 09:44:47 -0800


> Record-case parses slots by name, not by position.
> Match destructures by position, not by name.

Oh, interesting.

>> - On a related note, why do most of the Tree-IL record type not appear
>> in the define-type statement in tree-il.scm line 133, and is that
>> connected with the borrow-core-vtables macro that I don't understand
>> at all? :-)
> Yes.

Then I have a new goal: understand that. :-)

> Where are the docs not up-to-date?  In stable-2.0 they should be current.

That may be the issue, because I am using the latest git head. There
were only very small issues, but I thought I should fix them anyway.
 - some records weren't listed with a 'src' slot
 - the first two slots for <letrec> were out of order
 - it documented <sequence> instead of the newer <seq>, which has a
slightly different structure

The attached patch fixes all of these, I think.

Have a good day,

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