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Re: Adding to guile curly-infix (SRFI 105), neoteric- & sweet-expression

From: Alan Manuel Gloria
Subject: Re: Adding to guile curly-infix (SRFI 105), neoteric- & sweet-expressions
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2012 12:30:03 +0800

On Mon, Aug 27, 2012 at 12:16 PM, David A. Wheeler
<address@hidden> wrote:
> nalaginrut <address@hidden>:
>> I ever port the sweet-expression as a language module for Guile, and I
>> have such an honor to say it's based on your work.
>> There're still some bugs I need to face. But it works fine already.
> Awesome!  Thanks!
> We've made some tweaks recently, though nothing that would invalidate 
> existing code using it.  But now, for example, you can use f{- x} to mean (f 
> (- x)).
>> Anyway, I'd like to see it becomes SRFIs. I've proposed it to be one of
>> official language module since there's multi-language feature in
>> Guile-2.x.
>> And it's more convenient to do that if we make sweet-expression the SRFIs.
> Agreed. We'll see how it goes.

Heya Nala Ginrut!

We noticed recently your effort in updating sweet-expressions to the
latest Guile.

We've also added support for some amount of attaching source locations
to read-in objects, and also indepedently updated it to work on recent
Guile 2.0.

I did much of the updating (at that time we had been unaware of your
work).  We did this by replacing the binding for 'read and
primitive-load on Guile, as it seemed to give the best coverage across
1.6, 1.8, and 2.0.

However, it leads to an edge case in Guile 2.0 where disabling
autocompilation leads to the module-loading C code path going through
a direct C call to the C implementation of primitive-load, a path that
only triggers if autocompilation disabled (when autocompilation is
enabled, it goes through a hook in the language support for Scheme,
which uses the 'read function we've rebound).

I had also considered adding support for sweet-expressions in a
language module for Guile, but this would require 2.0 (my own personal
needs mean that I need it to work way back in 1.6) , and I couldn't
figure out a way to tell Guile to start the REPL in sweet-expression
language (or any language other than Scheme for that matter).


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