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Re: Guile OpenGL

From: David Pirotte
Subject: Re: Guile OpenGL
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2012 10:51:17 -0200

Hello Javier,

> >

> Thanks David, but I'm working on a little extension for making games
> and Clutter seems done for GUI.

But it uses cogl, which we still lack from guile. It would be nice if you take a
quick look at it and if it suites your needs, rather helping with the cogl 

I am not the developer of guile-gnome, and never wrapped any lib yet, I am a
guile-gnome guile-clutter user ... but i think you probably want, even if you
wrap opengl, to take a look at the doc on how to write a wrapper: you'll find 
if you git clone guile-gnome [and guile-clutter for your coding curiosity 
maybe], or
browse the git repo ...

> I've mapped some SDL and GL functions, but now the project is growing
> and I think the best idea is to separate the access to these libraries
> into wrappers or adopt existing ones.

I think there is an SDL recently updated but not sure.

> So, if there isn't wrapper for SDL and GL, I'll create guile-sdl and
> guile-gl modules for Guile community and me (well, I'll try it).

try to see if cogl could do the work before, and if not, good luck: wrapping 
is a huge work!


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