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Re: [PATCH] Colorized REPL

From: Daniel Hartwig
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Colorized REPL
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2012 11:09:13 +0800

On 6 December 2012 10:43, Nala Ginrut <address@hidden> wrote:
> But if we need the original author to assign the copyright, I'm not sure
> how long will it be. Last time I assigned the copyright took about one
> month, since it's long way to send a hand-written assignment to USA.
> Or I just request the original author to assign the copyright in the
> code?
> Which one is right?

On those things, I don't know.

In the mean time do not worry about merging of ansi-color, just adjust
your syntax as discussed and continue to develop in your git repo.  If
it should later become merged then we can remove the duplicates.
Or—again and for the final time—target this work at guile-lib.

I presume that in the long term you would integrate this directly with
the existing pretty-print procedure, rather than, e.g., reimplementing
how to print vectors, arrays, etc..  That makes a lot of sense, and
saves you having to figure out all the details of correctly formatting
an array: just intersperse the colourize code throughout pretty-print.

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